Saturday, August 30, 2014

Strongman Class

Got there early to do a one arm DB clean and press for a max, for an online contest.

Some fails on 75.

Then we did DB clean and press for 1 minute, and axle clean and press for 1 minute.
DB 55# - 7
Axle 85# - 10
DB 55# - 8
Axle 95# - 10

Axle deadifts

Many 40' keg runs with the 150# and the 185#

Stone hold: 150x15sec, 150x20sec, 175x30sec
Stone thrusts: 150x5

Finished with some ab work.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

That was ambitious

I got a program to do from my coach today, which was a bit ambitious. I like his confidence, but I don't like failing so much.

Back squat:
185x5 - this may be a 5RM
He wanted 225x4x2. I failed on 225x1.
I did 205x3. I failed on 215.

I thought 205 was a 1RM, but apparently I did x3 it back in May. This is so psychological. I am not used to being under that much weight. I need to be doing heavy squats every week to get used to it.

Front squat:
He wanted 175x4x2
I did 155x4, 165x3, then failed on my next 165 because of a bad set up and tweaked my wrist, but I think it's okay.

That was a lot of failing.

GHR back extensions with an middle band: 10x3

Keg runs 150# x 80' x 3. The new 150# keg is pretty painful. Gonna have to work on getting it higher so it doesn't bruise the shit out of my hips and pubic bone.

Calf raises with a 45# and a 25# on the machine: 12x3

Hammer curls: 25#/hand x 14 x 2

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fran killed the Stronglady

Well hmph. Doing Fran is not good for my Strongman training.

Behind the neck presses:
45x10x2 strict
95x7 push press

Log press:

Deadlifts with an 80# band:

Farmer carry for speed:
120#/hand for 100' -- 21 sec, 22 sec, 17 sec

Floor DB press: 35/hand x 8 x 3

Then a whole bunch of tricep stuff.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Fran at Crossfit Pallas on Saturday...

Part A:
2RM thruster

Didn't manage 125 twice, but even doing it once makes me happy.

Part B:
My first time Rxing, and I got 7:47. I didn't push it quite as hard as I could, but I'm fairly happy with that.

Friday, August 22, 2014

On my own, pretending I'm at Strongman

Went to Crossfit, but today's strength and WOD were not consistent with my training plan, and I'm doing Crossfit tomorrow, and my right shoulder is not super happy with me, so...


Those last two sets were supposed to be one set of max in a minute, but TBH, I was scared of injuring myself. So. I will probably still improve my strength with sub-maximal efforts.

Then did:
3 rounds
Single arm dumbbell rows 45/hand x 10 + Hanging leg raises x 10

Quick and simple, didn't want to get in the way of the Crossfit class or overtrain. Not my best day, but fine. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Good incentive to get HSPUs

Crossfit today:

Part A: 10RM back squat but I did front squat

Not even that hard. But my previous 10RM was 135, so that's cool.

Part B:
4 rounds
12 burpees
9 power cleans 75# for women
6 front squat
3 wall walks

I Rxed the weight, but my wall walks are not full ROM so I do not call this Rxed: 13:39

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

No excuses, right?

Except yeah, I was the queen of excuses today. Mostly that I haven't been sleeping. It's the magic ingredient. I've been training the right amount, eating and supplementing well, but none of it comes together without sleep.

Started with some PT exercises for my shoulder, then did behind the neck presses again.
45x10 strict
65x8 push press
95x10 push press
115x5 push press

Log press on the 12" log: 90x5x2, 90x6

Farmer carry for speed: 120x40'x4
130x80'x2 with a drop to mimic the contest

Zercher yoke carries:
100# x 80'
180# x 80' x 2
210# x 80' x 2

A bunch of auxiliary work to finish.