Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sloth Coffin

My sister calls the Husafjell stone the sloth coffin, because it is shaped like a squat coffin, and I carry it with serious purpose.

Paused front squats:
120x5 because I can't do math

Husafjell carries:
155# x 80' x 4
I'm getting more confident about the pick off the floor. And I've already done my contest weight, basically, from the floor. I will get faster, and more comfortable with it.

Treadmill sprints:
1 min walk + 1 min sprint + 1% incline
7.5mph, 8.0 mph, 8.2 mph, 8.4 mph

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Deadlift PR? Or not.

Behind the neck strict press:

Seated strict axle press:
Pullups x 8 x 2

Seated dumbbell press, one side at a time:
25x10 each side

185x10 which felt weirdly heavy
315xfail, although I got one side up, so I must have had an uneven pull. I really think I could get this, but Hans said my legs were shot from squats on Sunday, so we went to...

Deficit deadlift:
225x7x2 as fast as possible

Continental axle cleans:
I'm pretty good at these. Going overhead is a much bigger problem.

Keg over bar 60" bar:
I need to get over my dislike of the pain this inflicts on my biceps. It hurts. It bruises. It's survivable.

Finished with various tricep exercises.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Open Gym

Back Squat:

Good mornings:

Dumbbell Lunges:
25#/hand x 8 per side
superset with 30 sec handstand holds
3 times

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Strongman Class

Log press:
Warmed up by one-motioning the 80# log x 3
Clean once and press away: 80x14/30 sec
100x6/30 sec x 2
Clean and press in one motion: 90x2 + 90x2 regular clean and press

Sandbag runs:
Somewhere between 100 and 150 x 80' x 3

Tug of war:
5 rounds

Stone to shoulder:
Some attempts at 150, which was not close to happening

Finished with some abs. It was a pretty light day, but good on technique.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hugging the Husafjell

Following assignments from my coach:

185 max in 30 sec = 14
225 max in 30 sec = 10

Deficit deadlift:

Husafjell stone, pick from the ground:

That is a hard pick, and I need to get better at picking it up higher. I think some really deep squats will help.

Lat pull down: 60x10, 70x10

One arm dumbell rows: 10x55x2/side

Glute-ham-raises with 80# band: 10x2

Hammer curls: 25x7x4

Then I went to an interesting dance-based stretch class with a friend and got to stare at myself in the mirror for an hour. Conclusions:

1. I still have great feet with a fantastic arch when I point them. Glad I wasn't tiny enough to be a ballerina and ruin them, but I still like how they look.

2. My shoulders look massive now, especially when I'm wearing a black tank top, which makes me even more sure I should be able to put more weight overhead.

3. I look really solid right now, but not super lean, at least from the front, which makes me hope I can take off the weight for this competition without going into dangerous territory or losing too much strength.

4. I am still really flexible from all the yoga I used to do, which I'm very happy about. Except maybe better front squat mobility with my shoulders, I don't feel like I need to gain more flexibility.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Back to Strongman in a big way

Behind the neck presses:
45x10 - strict
67x3 - strict + x8 push press
115 push press, but it quickly became clear I wasn't doing that for reps today
95x10x2 push press
Some assisted pullups.

Seated axle strict press:

Incline dumbbell presses:
25/hand x 12 x 2

Tricep extensions:
Short bar + 10lbs x 12
Short bar + 15lbs x 10 x 2

I'm learning that it's vitally important for me to keep my shoulders down when going overhead. I get worried and tense and raise my shoulders and immediately kill my strength. Gotta practice that with sub-maximal loads.

Front squats:
Empty bar x 10
95 x 10

Then a super set of:
150# atlas stone x 5 + 135 x 8 front squats
150# atlas stone x 3 + 135 x 8 front squats

Sandbag runs:
160 x 180' x 2

Leg curls
90 x 10 x 2

Leg extensions
80 x 10 x 2

Calf raises:
Machine + 70# x 10 x 2

Some punching drills, wherein I pretended I was a MMA fighter, until he made me slow down.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Open Gym

I did a quick, focused open gym session yesterday. Had to get in and out in under 1 hour, which is challenging with open gym.

The plan was 5x5 deadlifts at 80% of my max, but I did them on a Brick lifting platform, which amounted to a deficit deadlift of an inch or two. That's okay, though. I need deficit deadlifts.


Then did some Z-presses overhead presses seated on the ground. These are supposed to be great for all kinds of overhead pressing, without doing huge volume.


And that was it! All those sets of deadlifts took a long time.