Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Or not

I was supposed to have a session with Hans this morning, but he missed it, and that worked out okay. I took it easy and did all overhead stuff. My back is pretty unhappy with me right now.

Only the heavy axle was available, so I warmed up with
78x5 strict press
98x10 press

I moved to the rack once it was available because my back was pinching a bit.
118x3x2, 118x2
108 for a max from the rack--got 10

Behind the neck strict:

Seated incline dumbell press
25/hand x 10
30/hand x 8 x 2

Overhead tricep extension
20x10x2 per side

Monday, December 15, 2014

I pick things up and I put them down

18" Deadlifts:

That last one was supposed to be 315x5x2, but my back said no. Maybe I should have let it say no to the set of deficit DLs also. 18" DLs are usually easier for me, and yes, I can lift more weight with them, but you have to engage your back right away, so they beat it up like crazy. Even the 275x8 was not easy. I've done 330x2 at 18" before, although with less volume leading up to it.

Deficit deadlifts (2 mats):

Lat pulldowns 80x10x3

One arm db rows 55x10x3 each side

Decline lower abs: 10x3

Then a lot of stretching because my back is having some sensation right now. Not quite an injury but maybe a slight pull. I worked it hard. I wish I didn't have to sit at work today. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Squats and Class

Went early to class today to do heavy back squats:

Then Hans got involved, so these numbers are with some steadying in the bottom:

Not a real max, but still good work. Would be a 30# max if it were real. I think I need to do more pause squats to make me comfortable with getting out of the bottom.

Then class:

Yoke presses:

Superset with front squats

One arm DB presses:
55x4/side x 3

Tire flips and tire carries, some number.

Sandbag carry--I was on the 170 sandbag, did 2 runs of 160' each, which definitely got hard by the end.

Stone over a 54"+ bar:

Some abs to end it all. Good day.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Doing some playing with calorie calculators online, and learned some things...or not.

According to various body fat calculators I found, based on measurements, I have 31% bodyfat. I know I'm not super low, but I think that's probably crap. I have weirdly slim wrists, and my forearms are good size because of strongman, not because of fat.

Also, calorie calculators are all over, from 2100-2500 calories/day to maintain bodyweight. Whev. Tracking and measuring is the only way to go here. That and not caring about bodyfat.

Today I did a Crossfit class for some extra conditioning.

Part A:
10 min EMOM
Even: 5 clapping pushups
Odd: 10-20 sec L-hang

Part B:
7 minute AMRAP
3 handstand walks
10 goblet squats (1 pood)
15 KB swings

Rest 3 min

7 minute AMRAP
30 DUs
15 v-ups
5 burpee broad jumps

Rest 3 min

7 minute AMRAP
250m row (1pt/10m)
10 weighted v-ups (14# WB)
15 HR pushups

I sort of Rxed, but sort of played around with HSPU variations, and also spent a long time trying to get 30 DUs. 8 rounds + 55

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gotta eat for Strongman

Now the weight is off (down 2.5 lbs from Monday's weigh-in) and I'm regretting eating so little. I need to make sure I get carbs around my workouts. Today I did not have enough carbs, and it was a little rough.

Axle Press:
110 - max in a minute: 7
110 - max in a minute: 7

There's a decent chance I'll have to put the axle down during a minute, so I should probably drill Tabata axle presses to practice going fast with the clean.

Behind the neck press:


Various incline db bench and tricep exercises

Farmer carry:
140/hand x 80' x 2 with one drop
I got 6 seconds faster on the second run by (a) wearing a belt and (b) doing what Hans told me to do

Various rows, punching, and ab drills

Monday, December 8, 2014

Not a great Monday

I worked hard to stick to my diet in San Antonio, while still enjoying Tex Mex, and got a bonus by thinking that the wedding food was an appetizer when it was really the whole meal. But I came home and I'm still up 2lbs from when I left, even weighing myself in the morning. Bleah. I hope it's just water retention from salty travel food and constipation. This is the worst time of year for trying to lose weight and I really wouldn't if I didn't have to for this contest.

ETA: I plan to add an extra day of conditioning to see if that helps.

Then I didn't lift very well, and left my protein shaker bottle at the gym this morning. Double bleah.

255x5x3 (was supposed to be x5, but the 3rd set was really hard)

Farmer carries:
120/hand x 80' x 3 every 2 minutes

GHR back extensions
10x3 with an 80# band

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Crossfit in San Antonio

I'm in San Antonio for a wedding, and went to King William District Crossfit on Saturday morning for a drop-in.

We started with a nice, thorough warm-up, and I even got some new stretches from it, then did a fun partner WOD, that Hans could not object to:

20 min AMRAP:
30 14# partner wallball situps over a 20" box (15 each)
25 burpees while the other partner holds a plank (divide as desired)
20 partner 14# wallball tosses (10 each)
12 20" step ups (6 each)

We got 4 rounds 30, coming in second in a fairly small class. I dropped the ball once, and we had to do a penalty of 5 burpee box jumps.

Then we got breakfast tacos. San Antonio has amazing Tex Mex.