Friday, May 22, 2015

Week 3, Day 3.

I was a little worried about what was on the schedule for today...30 back squats at 190? No matter the rest, that seemed like crazy volume. But this program is working great, and it's a treat to go into the gym and do my assignment and feel good about it rather than constantly disappointed with myself.

Back squat:
190x3x10 with 90 seconds rest between, and at the end, I made the last one a set of 6 instead of 3.

Bench press:
110x3x10 with 90 seconds rest between, and at the end, I made the last one a set of 6 instead of 3.

Barbell rows with 3 sec hold: 3x12 @ 70

Tricep pushdowns: 25x12, 30x12, 35x12

Bicep curls: 15/hand x 12 x 2, then I tried with 20/hand, and got 8, before my form broke down, then finished the set with 15s

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Week 3, Day 2.

Front squat:
150x3x9 with 90 sec rest, then 150x6

Half kneeling db press 40/hand, 90 sec rest

Ladderal raises (100 total reps) in sets of 12 this time with 10#/hand

Face pulls 4x25 15#

Lunges 3x12 25#/hand

Light speed good morning 45x10 65x10x2

Lying leg curl 3x12 80#

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 3, Day 1 with a trainer

Some barbell warmup, with an empty bar then:

10x3 deadlifts with 90 sec rest, ranging from 135 up to 255. I just did whatever my trainer said, so I didn't record everything. We were working on form a lot. Switching my grip helped. Dragging the bar up my shins helped. I just need to practice my new form until I'm not thinking about it anymore.

10x3 push press with 90 sec rest at 110. These went great. Worked on false gripping them, which I don't usually do with a regular barbell, but turns out to be fine.

Fat grip rows 35/hand x 12 x 3
Super set with
Kettlebell shrugs 45/hand, 3 sec hold at the top x 12 x 3

Finished with the ugliest 30 pullups you've ever seen.

My hands are pretty ripped up too. Need to do some major callus care. At least the next day (or even two if I back squat) are easy on my hands.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Week 2, Day 3 at NY Strong

Went up to Mamaroneck again today to do Week 2, Day 3. I got a massage this week which felt great, but put my back into spasm, so I only did 3 days this week.

Trap bar deadlifts
145x4, 235x4, 275x4x8 with 2 min rest

I thought I had a 45# bar, but it was actually 55#, so...
55x4, 105x4, 115x4x2 with 2 min rest
Then I discovered my error and dropped the weight down to my assigned 105
105x4x5, 105x6

Barbell rows with 3 sec hold 3x12 
55, 65x2
I've rowed 185, and could probably row more when using my whole body, but just using my arms, and with the 3 sec hold, 65 is the right weight.

One-arm tricep extension
15# x 15/arm
17.5# x 15/arm

Dumbbell bicep curl
15/hand x 15 x 3

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Week 2, Day 2

Front squat:
140x4x7 + 140x8 with 2 minutes rest between each set

Half kneeling dumbell press
35/hand x 4 x 7 + 5 x 1 with 2 minutes rest between each set

Ladderal raises (100 total reps) with 10#s in sets of 10. Next time I'll do sets of 12 or something.

Face pulls 4x25 

Lunges 3x12 

Lying leg curl 3x12 
70, 80x2

I like day 2s. The front squat is quite doable at this point.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fixing my deadlift

Yesterday I had a free training session with one of the trainers at my new gym who is also a strongman competitor. She has a great deadlift and was helping me with my form.

The schedule called for 8x4 deadlifts at 250 with 2 min rest between. Instead we did:

250 x4
225 x4
245 x 2 (break to work on form)
Spare X 2
245 x 4 (got a ham cramp, so we dropped again)
225 x 4
185 x 6

She also gave me a bunch of good cues:
  • Reset EVERY rep. No bouncing.
  • Keep hips slightly higher at beginning of pull but also keep weight back in heels.
  • Shoulders in front of bar.
  • Bar over midfoot(where shoelaces tie).
  • Take slack out of bar, squeeze bar. Everything SUPER tight.
  • Drag bar up shins.
  • Less work on release, controlling negative too much and it's all in your back.
  • Neutral neck! Pick a gaze point to focus on.
Unfortunately, that ham cramp seems to be from some irritation at the hamstring attachment. I hope that doesn't get worse. Maybe I will only do 3 days of training this week, take Friday off and do my Day 3 in Mamaroneck. They have a hex bar.

Next 8x4 105# push presses with 2 min rest

I took a break on these to get a soft sell on training sessions (the cost of the free training session), but mostly did it as prescribed. It went well! I failed on one, but when I got more aggressive, it went great.

Fat gripz db rows 4x12: this time I actually had fat gripz, which made the dumbell handles so big my hand couldn't get around them. Good grip work. Did these at 35lbs.

Pull-ups 25 total, which I superset with Shrugs 4x12 (3 second hold at top)

I broke the pullups up into 4-3-3-3-3-3-2-2, which was a better division than last time. I did the shrugs with a 90# straight bar, which was a little light. I'll use the 100# next time.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Strongman Play

Went up to Mamaroneck again yesterday to play around at NY Strong. Since I've newly started a challenging, high-volume program, I'm trying not to overdo it.

I wanted to try hex bar deadlifts to see if I could have done the 250x6x6 that was my assignment for Friday, for which I subbed back squats.


Those felt pretty easy, but I didn't want to overdo it, since this was not prescribed volume.

Then I tried farmer carries, but my hand didn't feel great, and again, this was just supposed to be for fun. 

250 x 100', 300 x 100', 350 x 100' x 2

350 is entirely no big deal now, although it is the weight where I start to slow down.

Stone to 48" 100-125-145-160-175-175

Finished with abs and mobility.