Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eva, You Magnificent Wench

After a couple workouts of feeling like I didn't scale appropriately, made it too easy for myself, I think I scaled Eva perfectly.

I did 3 rounds rather than 5, of:

800m run
30 12-kg KB swings
30 jumping pullups


It was very hard, but I succeeded in my personal goal, which was to run the whole way, and even when it was the slowest of trots, I never walked. I had a good high a couple minutes after finishing. I came close to puking but never quite got there. I love kettlebell swings. I did these in sets of 19-11, 16-14 and 12-9-9. Pullups I broke down to 5 rounds of 6. All in all, good scaling, hard effort, I'm sure my traps will be sore tomorrow.

I'll keep my sweet Eva at 3 rounds until I can do that in under 30 minutes, then add a 4th.

I still suck at running WODs, but each time I do one, it gets a little easier to keep running.

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